Kerri-Lynn Reeves is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist based in Winnipeg, MB. She received her BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba, as well as attending Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Greatly involved in the local arts community, she has recently joined the Board of Mentoring Artist for Women’s Art (MAWA). Revolving around themes of legacy, personal and community history, the influences of past, present and future, identity, connections, relationships, and gender, her work spans from immediate collaborative projects to contemplative personal works. Along with creating textile, video, and installation works, she has orchestrated large and small group community projects.

Heart Mapping
Connections made, friendships formed, networks established, and love blossomed are all integral parts of who we are as social, emotional, and creative beings. In an attempt to solidify these connections and to make visual the widespread ties we have with people all over the world, Heart Mapping will take
people’s stories of connections made and turn them into something physical for which they can reflect on and display. As the Heart Mapping artist I will listen to people’s stories of relationships, connections, and networks. In exchange I will map out these connections for them on the spot using pre-made prints of a watercolour map of the world painted by me. This map is theirs to take with them as a testament to their connection with the world. It is also a starting point for the physical manifestation of their Heart Network, as I encourage them to continue mapping their Heart Connections. In doing this, I get to expand my own Heart Map by connecting with all of the participants. The histories of storytelling and mapping are rich in creating history and culture, and in solidifying the vast social and political networks that are our world. “Heart Mapping” recognizes that.